About Uludag

Uludag Makina Co.Ltd. is a well-established company in 1973 by Mustafa Uludag in Istanbul, Turkey. It was a private company back than, later in year 1995, it acquired limited company status by second generation Omer and Osman Uludag.

Our company has been producing carpentry hand tools, small and portable machinery for carpenters since 2000s. Sample items which we produce: 300 mm Miter Saw, Portable Dovetail Router, Hinge Drilling Router, Furniture Clamps, etc.

Other than the materials which we own manufacture, we also offer import furniture hardware materials to hardware stores throughout all Turkey. The items of fitting materials are as follows: Concealed Hinges, Drawer Slides, Chipboard Screws, Router Bits for Woodworking, and so on.

Our Products

  • Hand Tools

    Carpentry Hand Tools, such as clamps, aluminum milling cutter, chipboard carrying tool, etc.

  • Portable Carpenter Machinery

    These are small tools for carpenters. Single/Double Dovetail Router, Manual Drilling Router, Hinge Drilling Router, etc.

  • Miter Saw Machines

    Portable Miter Saws is for professional use. It has vast usage in wood/aluminum/pvc sectors.

  • Furniture Fittings

    We provide accessories such as concealed hinges, drawer slides and chipboard screws..

  • Furniture Hardware

    Other than stated, we provide various furniture hardware to market.

  • Furniture Clamps

    As an Uludag specialty, we provide best clamps to our carpenters for long time.

Contact us

We are 7/24 reachable by our dear customers, please do not hesitate to share any opinion. You can see our address below.